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Backwoods Farm Inc. offers professional delivery of superior quality 
live and frozen feeders and insects from Central to South Florida.

Minimum Order for Free Delivery is $300.00
$100.00 Minimum for Delivery with a $15.00 Delivery Charge.

 We deliver to businesses & qualified entities.
 Must have business / acceptance hours of 9 am - 5 pm M-F.
We will need a copy of your current year Florida Tax ID Number (DR-13 or 14)
or your county's sales tax will be charged.

To Obtain Pricing for Rodents Delivered -
 Call or Text:  772-584-4116
Email Us
We Do Not Offer Shipping.

> All Livestock Guaranteed for 72 Hours | All Insects Guaranteed for 24 hours <

Backwoods Farm Delivery