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Reptiles are not the only critters that eat rodents!
Our mice and rats are fed to many types of birds of prey (Hawks, Owls, etc) at rehabilitation centers, theme parks and zoos!
Pink Mice
Fuzzy Mice
Mice: Available in sizes Sm-Md-Lg-ExBreeder
Rat Pinks
Rat Pups
Rats: Available in sizes Sm-Md-Lg-Jumbo
Our Rats & Mice are Available both
 Live & Frozen
Chicks & Ex Breeder Mice are Frozen Only
 Click on thumbnails to enlarge photos:
Frozen Pink Mice
Frozen Fuzzy Mice
Frozen Hopper Mice
Frozen Small Mice
Frozen Medium Mice
Frozen Large Mice
Frozen Ex-Breeder Mice
Frozen Small Rats
Frozen Rat Pinks & Rat Pups also availble
Frozen Medium Rats
Frozen Large Rats
Frozen Jumbo Rats
Frozen Day Old Chicks
Bird of Prey
Pudge loves his treat!